Your Rewards


Once a customer reaches $500 spent at the 4 Sols store, they receive 1 entry ticket for a chance to win 2 - round trip airfare tickets (maximum value $1500)

As the customer purchases from the store, the dollar amount spent is recorded and the customer is notified once the $500 is reached. 

Once a total of 25 customers have an entry ticket, a vacation draw happens. Those 25 customers participate in a draw with a 1 in 25 chance of winning it. 

This draw repeats throughout the year each time 25 people qualify. 

Once a customer receives a draw entry ticket, their dollars go back to zero. The customer starts the process over again. They continue to buy from store and qualify for future draws again by reaching the $500 total spend again.

Good Luck. Read the Vacation disclaimers and limitations further down this page. 

LOYALTY PROGRAM (for non-vacationers)

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

  • 100 points = $5 off next purchase
  • 200 points = $15 off next purchase
  • 250 points = $20 off next purchase
  • 500 points = $50 off next purchase
  • 900 points = $100 off next purchase

Collect your points to reach bigger discounts, or redeem them as you go.  


  • The $500 spend is for select products only. Customer is responsible for confirming which products qualify them prior to purchasing. 
  • The qualifying dollars cannot be obtained from other costs such as shipping, taxes, etc.
  • The money spent to purchase gift cards do not qualify towards vacation points. 
  • For unknown future reasons, if any situation arises, 4 Sols reserves the right to terminate this discretionary rewards program with no obligations or commitments to any persons, customers, reimbursements, and/or participants or things, whatsoever.
  • The winning ticket must be utilized within 18 months of the winning draw date, at which time, if not used within 18 months, the winning ticket expires and holds no value. No carry-overs. 
  • The winning ticket is not redeemable for cash.
  • The winning ticket is 2 - round trip, airfare tickets, up to a maximum value of $1500. Once airfare is booked, any residual money, from the $1500, cannot be used, transferred or held. The residual money holds no value and is null and void.  
  • The $1500 value must include any taxes, and administration costs. At no time, would 4 Sols pay over the $1500 for any reason or purpose.
  • Westjet will be the only approved airfare company.
  • 4 Sols will handle the Westjet communication and bookings. 
  • For tickets exceeding $1500, the winning ticket holder is responsible for any additional money, and money must be provided in advance to 4 Sols handling the transaction with airfare company. 
  • 4 Sols reserves the right to remove or modify contest rules without notification to persons, customers and/or participants, whatsoever.
  • A skill testing question is required because it's categorized as a contest for Canadian laws.
  • 4 Sols is not liable for any penalties, damages or unexpected costs onto persons, customers, and/or participants related to this contest in entirety. This includes any consequences resulting from any and all external influences such as from travel agents, Westjet, viruses, cancellations, etc., but by no means limited. 
  • Winning participant is required to sign a disclaimer and waive 4 Sols of any and all Liability.